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At VIB Law, we understand that the process of being arrested for a crime, or accused of a crime is shocking and life altering. The prospect of facing the government in court by yourself is nerve wracking.

That's the VIB Advantage. A veteran team of attorneys, support staff and investigation resources that is big enough to level the playing field for you. At the same time, our modern Silicon Valley approach means that we provide a client based approach. That means that we keep you informed of the progress of your case, consult you on all major decisions and fight for you at all times.

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There is No Case That Cannot Be Won, Negotiated or Mitigated
  • Able to Prove My Innocence

    Child Molestation Charges DISMISSED!!! AMAZING attorney!!! I hired Mr.Ippolito for representation in my child molestation case. I was being accused of having molested my OWN children which has NEVER even been a THOUGHT in my mind. Mr.Ippolito was able to prove my innocence to the DA and was able to get all charges dropped. If anyone is in need of a criminal defense attorney I would HIGHLY recommend Mr.Ippolito.

  • He Got My DUI Dismissed

    Riccardo Ippolito, I want to thank you for getting my second DUI dismissed. Thank you so much. You saved my life! I recommend anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer to Riccardo. He is responsive and does what he says he’ll do.

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  • Commanding

    Cameron is a very strong court room attorney. He has great knowledge of the ins and outs of the law from all angles. I felt very secure while in court with him knowing I would be able to get the best possible outcome in my case. He made things comfortable for me as the legal proceedings got prolonged and I found myself with lots of confidence due to his very commanding personality. Cameron was definitely the right attorney for me and my situation and I’m sure he can be for many others in the same need. Lastly I didn’t feel like Cameron is in it to get in to your pocket book as many attorneys are. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the great job he did for me.

  • Well-Versed, Sharp and Connected Attorney

    Mr. Bowman delivered excellent legal service and was professional throughout the process. His experience in Santa Clara County was key to achieving success in my proceedings.

    Attorney: ·
  • Helped Me To A New Future

    He helped me get out of the trouble I was in, and has helped me to a new future.


San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our staff of California criminal lawyers includes a former prosecutor and probation officer as well as a lifelong San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney. We know firsthand how cops and district attorneys put together cases. Our insider knowledge of local courts and our many years of experience gives us a clear advantage over less experienced criminal defense attorneys. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the chaos and difficulty of the criminal justice system and back to the "real world" of jobs and family as quickly as possible.

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VIB Law is located in San Jose in the heart of "Silicon Valley." We offer flexible scheduling of your free consultation. If matter is urgent we can handle the entire process of hiring us over the phone or via email. We even have an option to make payments through our website directly. We offer payment plans and also accept all major credit cards. Call us at 877-766-5245 for your free consultation.