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    I have referred numerous cases to Valencia and Ippolito and my clients have always responded that they received caring and capable service. Obviously, criminal defense situations are quite sensitive, and the team at Valencia and Ippolito performed magnificently. I refer cases to them regularly and always receive very positive responses.

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    I’ve dealt with Mr. Ippolito on a wide variety of criminal law cases as an opposing prosecutor. Mr. Ippolito is very well versed in each and every one of his cases and provides a well thought out and prepared insight from an adversarial perspective. This almost always results in a fair and equitable solution to…

DMV Hearings: How to avoid losing your driver’s license

If you are a Santa Clara County driver arrested for a DUI, the officer will immediately confiscate your California driver’s license and give you a pink colored notice. This document is known as a Suspension/Revocation Order and temporary driver’s license. (Please bring this pink paper with you for your consult or have it handy if we do a phone consultation.)

In California, you need to act fast to avoid automatic driver’s license suspension. If you don’t request a DMV hearing within 10 days, your license will be automatically suspended.

In order to win your DMV hearing, also known as an “administrative hearing,” you should (1) immediately request the DMV hearing, and (2) hire an experienced DUI lawyer to be by your side at your hearing.

It can be hard to win a DMV hearing. The hearing is decided by a DMV employee rather than a judge and the standard of proof for the hearing officer is very low. But simply having a hearing can benefit your case. At the very least it will postpone the suspension of your driver’s license and allow us to work out a restricted license so you can travel to and from work. Most of the time we can also shorten the actual time your license will be suspended.

We take a strategic approach to DMV hearings. Sometimes the police officer will make serious mistakes in the police report which will entitle you to an “Order of Set Aside” of your license suspension. Other times, we will use the DMV hearing as a mini deposition of the officer who arrested you. We often subpoena the officer who arrested you to the DMV hearing. This allows us to prepare the best defense possible by getting a preview of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against you.

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