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    This was my family’s first time ever needing a lawyer and I have to say we picked an amazing one. Mr. Ippolito was patient and understanding with all of our questions (even when we asked them more than once). He is very knowledgeable in criminal law. He was able to give my brother less than…

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When your freedom, your reputation and your career are on the line, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the best possible defense, and the most experienced lawyer defending you.

With over 70 years of combined criminal law experience, VIB Law is the largest and most successful criminal defense firm in Northern California. Our partners have consistently been recognized for excellence in their fields of practice. Partner Riccardo Ippolito won the “Top Lawyers In California” award presented by American Lawyer Media. Partner Patrick Valencia is a winner of the, “Juvenile Attorney of the Year” award presented by San Jose Magazine.

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Defense Strategies for Violent Crimes Cases

Some California defense attorneys defend violent crimes by taking a “wait-and-see” approach. Upon being hired, they will often do nothing until the first court date. They basically just hope that the District Attorney’s office does not file charges.

At VIB Law, we think this is exactly the wrong approach to defending violent crimes cases. Instead, we believe in a client-centered, proactive approach.

Our first step is to make sure we completely understand our client’s side of the events.  The most critical window for defense work is often the first few days following an arrest.  We talk to our client and get as much information as we can about the facts of the case. Often we will have one of our experienced defense investigators assist in the process of finding important alibi witnesses or preserving exonerating evidence like surveillance videos.  Many times we can intervene with the DA’s office and convince them that no charges (or a less serious charge) should be filed.

The VIB Advantage is our experience and expertise.  In all of our violent crimes cases we immediately explore potential defenses such as:

  • Alibi   – Unfortunately, cases of mistaken identity are all too common these days, even in some very serious matters.  Our investigators can help you locate alibi witnesses or otherwise help corroborate your whereabouts during the crime.
  • Self Defense – In cases involving violent crimes, it can be critical to immediately contact witnesses who can confirm that any force used was in valid self defense.  You should of course photograph your own injuries you may have received in the incident. We can assist in the process of obtaining any needed medical records or other evidence that can help document and prove that any force used was legally valid. Also, we always perform a thorough background check of the victim to see if he or she has a history of violence towards others.
  • Mitigation Evidence – In all violent crime cases it is important to gather all potential positive evidence about the client.  That can mean traditional items like character witnesses and proof of charity work. In addition, we do everything we can to help put your case in the best light for the court and the DA’s office.  For example, if drugs or alcohol were an issue in the case, having the client getting help with these issues can dramatically help with the ultimate result in the case.