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  • My Negative Thoughts Vanished

    After getting out of jail, I needed an experienced attorney to defend me. At the time, my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. The moment my family and I met with Riccardo, most of my negative thoughts vanished, leaving me with peace of mind. I was innocent but I…

  • Able to Prove My Innocence

    Child Molestation Charges DISMISSED!!! AMAZING attorney!!! I hired Mr.Ippolito for representation in my child molestation case. I was being accused of having molested my OWN children which has NEVER even been a THOUGHT in my mind. Mr.Ippolito was able to prove my innocence to the DA and was able to get all charges dropped. If…

  • 290 Sex Registration List Removal in 6 months

    I was stuck on the Sex Offender Registry for 29 years for a misdemeanor offense I committed in 1994. You can’t live a normal life when you’re stuck on the registry. I contacted Riccardo and he got me off the list in six months. Now my long nightmare is finally over. The cloud of despair…

Penalties for Sex Crimes in California

California’s sex crime laws have serious, potentially life-altering consequences. That’s why you need the most experienced, aggressive, and competent criminal defense attorneys on your side as early as possible.

  • Prison Sentence – Most sex crimes carry a mandatory prison sentence. Some of these crimes even carry the potential of life in prison.
  • Lifetime Registration as a Sex Offender – All sex crime charges require mandatory sex offender registration and a minimum of one year of sex offender treatment programming.
  • Permanent Damage to your Reputation – Charges of this type pose extreme risk to your career and financial livelihood.
  • Deportation – Many sex crime crimes are “removable offenses,” meaning you can lose your current legal status in the United States or be deported.

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Legal Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges

At VIB Law, our sexual assault lawyers explore every potential defense for our clients. In fact, the first and most important step we take is to fully hear your side of the story. Some of the most common defenses we explore for our clients in sex crime cases are:

False Allegations

Unfortunately, false allegations of sex offenses can and do happen. This can take many forms. People can make false accusations of sex crimes as a form of revenge for some other issue in the relationship, for example, as payback for a discovery of cheating or to gain an advantage in family court. We have also handled many cases where a person mistakenly but honestly implicates one of our clients. For example, in cases of “recovered” memories of abuse years later.

We’ll help you locate evidence for the possible motives for a false allegation of a sex crime. We can help you coordinate and locate witnesses who can show evidence of an alibi during the time of a mistaken allegation. We can help you gather character witness and even have a polygraph test conducted to show your innocence.


In many, sexual assault cases, the issue of consent is crucial. In some cases, the alleged victim may feel ashamed or embarrassed for engaging in sexual behavior with someone who is not their significant other. Or they may genuinely misremember whether they gave consent or not due to their own intoxication or use of drugs. That is why it is critical to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding a sexual encounter alleging a lack of consent.

We can subpoena text messages and social media records to help corroborate that consent was given. Our investigator will also interview witnesses that back up your case. We can help you establish that a prior relationship shows that the sexual encounter was consensual.

Mistaken Identity

Sometimes victims misidentify people. We had a sexual assault case where the child accused our client of sexually assaulting her. While our client was in custody, the accuser pointed out a different person. This, along with statements our investigator had taken, led to a dismissal.

Having an investigator on these cases is crucial for a defense such as this. When our investigator gets done with their investigation, we can present this to the DA to attempt to get the case dismissed, or use our information at trial.

By hiring one of our expert sex crime attorneys early on in the process, we may be able to present evidence to the DA’s office that was ignored or overlooked by the investigating officer. This early intervention can be critical in terms of whether or not charges are filed. We can also meet with you early in the process to discuss how best to mitigate your case. We can advise you on issues such as how to gather character letters, whether it is a good idea to get into counseling or other case specific mitigators.