With over 100 jury trials under his belt, few attorneys have more real world courtroom experience than California Criminal Defense Attorney Cameron Bowman.

Mr. Bowman spent 16 years as a Deputy District Attorney with the Santa Clara County DA’s office. As a Deputy DA, he tried numerous high-profile cases and worked on everything from “cold cases” to prison gang death penalty cases.

Since joining VIB Law, Mr. Bowman has developed a particular expertise in defending clients who have been charged with domestic violence cases.

Bowman’s expertise in this area starts from the fact that he was once on the Santa Clara County DA’s “Family Violence” unit. As a former prosecutor, Bowman can anticipate the district attorney’s next move in these cases- giving his clients an important tactical advantage in mounting an effective defense.

Bowman also has extensive homicide trial experience. In fact, he was named Santa Clara County’s Trial Attorney of the Year in 1998 for his role as lead attorney in a multiple month homicide trial.

Bowman aggressively fights for his clients in court. Or in an appropriate case, Bowman can use his knowledge of local judges and prosecutors to negotiate a favorable result for his clients.

Bowman is a member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) as well as being active and working on issues of drug policy reform with members of the national Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).

His current defense and policy work combined with his prior experience as a member of the Santa Clara County DA’s Narcotics unit gives Bowman a broad knowledge of all aspects of drug crimes. However, Bowman has developed a particular expertise when it comes to marijuana law.

Bowman has handled every variety of criminal case arising from marijuana use and possession including marijuana sales, marijuana possession for sales, and “marijuana DUIs”,

Mr. Bowman is also familiar with all legal issues arising from the formation of medical marijuana dispensaries and other marijuana “cannabusiness” cases.

In 2014 Bowman attended Oaksterdam’s Cannabusiness class. He keeps current on the law in this area by regularly attending seminars such as the “Medical and Recreational Marijuana in California” seminar in 2014 as well as the International Cannabis Business Conference Seminar in 2015.

As a former DJ and drummer, Bowman enjoys going to concerts and music festivals in his free time. This combination of a love of music festivals as well as his interest in drug policy led to him speaking at the International Music Festival convention in Austin in 2014. Mr. Bowman spoke on the legal issues surrounding drugs at music festivals. Bowman is considered a national expert on the “Reducing Americans Vulnerability to Ecstasy” (the so called, “RAVE” Act) and has handled numerous criminal cases arising from drug use at concerts, raves and festivals.

Bowman represents clients throughout Northern California. On a regular basis, he tries cases in the Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Alameda County courthouses, among others.

  • Commanding

    Cameron is a very strong court room attorney. He has great knowledge of the ins and outs of the law from all angles. I felt very secure while in court with him knowing I would be able to get the best possible outcome in my case. He made things comfortable for me as the legal proceedings got prolonged and I found myself with lots of confidence due to his very commanding personality. Cameron was definitely the right attorney for me and my situation and I’m sure he can be for many others in the same need. Lastly I didn’t feel like Cameron is in it to get in to your pocket book as many attorneys are. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the great job he did for me.

  • Well-Versed, Sharp and Connected Attorney

    Mr. Bowman delivered excellent legal service and was professional throughout the process. His experience in Santa Clara County was key to achieving success in my proceedings.

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  • Smartest Decision I Made

    Never having been in trouble, my daughter had basically been arrested due to being with the “wrong” company and very naive. Due to this, she also had to give up her job of 3 years. She immediately decided to change her life and started by changing her type of friends, getting a new job and taking a college class. She was given a public defender by the court, but this person was not helpful, to say the least. My daughter knew she needed someone who would “fight” for her. She was referred to Mr. Bowman. After listening to her circumstances, Mr. Bowman believed in her and fought all the way. He showed excellent knowledge of the legal system, which included options that the previous public defender had never mentioned. He was very personable and easy for my daughter to talk to, as well as showing sincerity and compassion. In court my daughter was made an offer by the DA, which was better than another option presented, but its demands would make working and taking classes at college difficult for her. Therefore, Mr. Bowman went back in the courtroom where he somehow managed to be able to speak with the DA and judge privately. He was able to convince them to offer my daughter a former program that was no longer being used in that county, which would enable her to continue to work and take classes. This program was better than we had dared to hope for. Without Mr. Bowman’s persistence, skills and knowledge my 21 year old daughter would not have opportunities that she now has.
    For my own personal reasons, I choose not to give my name. However, the smartest decision anyone in need of an attorney can make is to hire Cameron Bowman.

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  • Highest Regard for Cameron

    I am a professional who was unfortunately faced with the prospect of DV charges. Cameron empathetically listened to my case and why any charges being filed would be devastating to me, my family and my career. He worked professionally and communicated regularly and calmly with me to put together a strategy to try and avoid any charges being filed. Through his hard work w/ the DDA assigned to the matter and persuasive advocacy, we received notice that the DDA was declining to file charges. I am absolutely thrilled w/his representation and highly recommend him to anyone who wants a real professional to handle any matter delicate or otherwise.

  • Professional & Efficient

    My dad was arrested due to an incident at a park involving a child and his mother – largely due to misunderstanding of my dad’s condition: Alzheimer’s & dementia. Cameron was very knowledgeable in this area, as well as understanding my dad’s situation. By working with the police department and the DA’s office (numerous phone conversations), he was able to convince them to have the case against my dad “discharged”. Additionally, he has helped to file a petition to “Seal and Destroy Arrest Record”, which recently has been granted by the police department. Cameron was very professional and efficient in handling my dad’s case, with a very positive outcome.